Benefits of Reiki for Children

Benefits of Reiki for Children

Reiki is a form of energy healing that was developed in Japan in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is a method of channeling Universal Life Force Energy or Chi. When we have blocks in our energy or pools of stagnant energy in our bodies, it can lead to psychological, emotional and/or physical issues. The longer the blocks are not addressed, the more likely a chronic condition may appear.

Teaching Children Reiki Helps them in Life

Performing Reiki on children can ensure that these chronic issues are less likely to appear, as we are able to treat them in its early stages. Teaching children Reiki is extremely beneficial. As children, we are all more sensitive to energy. We do not know how to verbalize at first, yet we can feel it. In today’s society, we start to lose our sensitivity as we grow older.

Therefore, it is important to strengthen and encourage this energy sensitivity. When a child learns Reiki, they can better understand what it is that they are feeling and thusly, can cultivate this sensitivity to energy. As children grow and mature, their Reiki skills will better equip them to navigate all areas of their lives.

Improving Children’s Awareness of the World

Children that are more sensitive to energy will potentially have better relationships with others. Feeling compassion for their peers can instill harmony in their circle of friends and overall, their classmates. Possessing the inkling that something is not right about the proverbial stranger will help protect them from harm. Compassion also comes as a result of practicing Reiki. It can give children the confidence to comfort an injured child on the playground other places, such as in the park. Compassion is so important, especially in schools today with cyber bullying becoming a huge threat to a child’s mental well being.

Reiki also raises awareness of the word. We all have that gut feeling of intuition about things. Either we like it or not. We don’t understand why, we just know. Almost everyone knows this feeling and a lot of times we don’t know to trust it. This feeling is our 6th sense, so to speak. It stems from reading the energy of a person, place, or situation. Reiki helps develop and fine tune this knowing. People find that they become much more aware after they have started practicing Reiki. Developing these innate skills will develop a child’s confidence and sense of wellbeing. This is crucial in these modern times.

Reiki Helps Relationships

As children mature and enter adulthood, these energy skills will give them the advantage in relationships. Both personal and professional. Having the confidence to walk away from situations that are not beneficial for themselves and choosing situations that are. We like to look back at our decisions we made when we were younger and wonder how different things would be if we made a different of better choice. The proverbial fork in the road moment. When we are more in tune with our true selves, we can make clearer choices and better decisions.

By starting children with Reiki at a young age, we give them a head start at developing life skills that will stay with them and enhance almost every area of their lives. Our tomorrow is dependent on todays youth. Mindful practices, such as Reiki is a great place to start.

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